All personnel/work crews must contact the OC +353 (0) 217335898 for authorization before entering the site and prior to carrying out any work on the WTG or associated HV infrastructure.

All works at Knocknagoum Wind farm must be carried out in accordance with an approved Method Statement and Risk Assessment and these must be forwarded to WFSO in advance of the works for review.

Additional information for the site can be found in the WFSO Health and Safety File, located in the substation – other information required can be obtained from the WFSO site manager. First Aid provision is located at the substation and in each WTG.

ALL accidents, incidents and near misses must be reported to the WFSO site manager and the OC.
If Ice is evident on the blades DO NOT attempt to approach the any turbines and there is No access to site during a lightning storm.