Meenbog Windfarm, Carrickaduff, Donegal

Welcome to the Meenbog Windfarm, Carrickaduff, Donegal

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Q1. What are the basic site requirements for PPE at Meenbog Windfarm? Q2. What procedure should be followed by all personnel visiting the Meenbog Windfarm? Q3. In the event of an emergency what is the name and address of this Windfarm? Q4. What are the safety procedures regarding vehicles onsite? Q5. In the event of windspeeds reaching or exceeding 30m/s what procedures should operatives follow? Q6. Safe driving procedures at Meenbog Windfarm include? Q7. In the event of an injury/accident onsite all operatives are required to follow which procedure? Q8. Which of the following is the nearest hospital to Meenbog Windfarm?

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