Preliminary Procedure Before Entering Site

There is a MCE Health and Safety file readily available for all parties to refer to; retained in the substation with appropriate general safety information and all persons should familiarise themselves with this.

Should any further specific information be required, the MCE site supervisor has access to all drawings and information for the site including its infrastructure and this can be made available by notifying him.

Before entering and when leaving site. please text the following details:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Start time
  • Finish Time


to (086) 8032620

All Operatives are to Follow Covid-19 Protocols Onsite and Comply with the Compliance Officer (Chris O’Mahony).

Further Details Later in the Induction.


All required security or alarm codes will be provided by the MCE Site Supervisor as necessary.

  • Phone Signal

    Phone signal on site can be intermittent and weak and this should be closely monitored by all personnel at all times.

  • Additional Activities

    Tree felling and farming is carried out on or near the site in a number of locations and additional hazards come from these activities hence extra vigilance is required.