Knocknagoum Wind Farm Ltd. Induction – Listowel, Kerry.

The PSCS role on this site is under the control of Knocknagoum Windfarm Ltd. with David Egan (+353 (0)86 410 9155) being the site representative. Please read the following points before entering KMC Windfarm.

1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

H-S-SignSafety Helmet, Safety footwear, High Visibility Jacket/ Vest MUST be worn on site at all times. Other safety equipment is necessary according to the work involved e.g. eye/face protection, safety harnesses, etc. when identified in the method statements and risk assessments.  Gloves are to be worn when handling materials or tools that could burn, cut, tear or cause any injury to hands.


2. Operational Controller Contact Procedure

The following  procedure should be followed by all personnel visiting KMC windfarm for the purposes of work, inspection or testing on the windfarm plant or infrastructure.

The windfarm is operated under Vestas Celtic Wind Turbine Safety Rules(3rd Edition) and WFSO Ltd. are appointed as the Operational Controller.

Vestas, the HV Operator and any contractor or personnel visiting KMC windfarm for the purposes of work, inspection or testing on the windfarm plant or infrastructure must notify the operational controller, WFSO Ltd. of their presence before entering the windfarm.

Personnel entering the windfarm will provide the following information:

  • Work party details,
  • Reason for visit,
  • Expected finish time,
  • Any known issues or work being undertaken at the windfarm,
  • Relevant AWPs or ROPs where work is being carried out under the WTSRs,

For all non WTSR activity happening on site, the WFSO Ltd operational controller should have prior notice of the work, personnel involved and have been supplied with Risk Assessments and Method Statements where appropriate.

The WFSO Ltd. operational controller contact number is +353 (0) 21 7355898.

Notification of all planned work on site should be emailed to:

WFSO Ltd. Operational Controller will use a Work Order system so that each package of work can be assigned a number for reference and record keeping.

I agree to comply with the above mentioned rules and to follow site guidelines.